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Our Expertise

With such a broad spectrum of services specifically tailored to the needs of their clients, it's no wonder that thousands of businesses and individuals have been choosing our team at Khatri & Company, PC since 1992.
Take a look below to see some of our most popular services.
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You have patiently waited, searched high and low and saved your hard earned money for your new business. Don’t dive into it without the proper homework.


Purchasing any business involves inherent risks but we are here to help you review your prospective business to ensure you are seeing the complete picture.


Unlike business brokers we aren’t chasing a commission and work solely with your best interest in mind.


Due Diligence
Individual Tax Services

You work hard for your money and you should be able to keep more of it! If you’re looking to have your taxes prepared correctly by certified professionals, look no further than Khatri and Company, PC. We didn’t just take a 2- week class or buy a program. We have studied the tax code and understand how it applies to you.


What’s even better? We’re in our office year round to support you and answer any questions that may come up. Can your tax preparer offer you that?


The need to protect your personal assets when starting a business is something many people are aware of, but which corporate structure is most beneficial for you? Which will offer tax advantages? Do you know which other licenses and registrations you will need?


We have helped thousands of businesses navigate through the complex registrations and have helped them obtain the required licenses—enabling them to hit the ground running.


Avoid costly delays due to missing information or incorrect/incomplete registrations and give us a call today!

Business Start-up
Payroll Solutions

Our web based payroll service is convenient, affordable and puts you in control. With real time reports and the ease of printing your own checks or even direct deposits, our service can take the headache out of payroll. 


Call us today to learn more about why our payroll service is an unbeatable value.

Business Tax Services

Business taxes can be complicated and involve a number of filings such as federal, state and local. Our team has the experience and expertise to have your tax return filed both accurately, and on time. From sales and payroll taxes to filing your income tax return—we’ve got you covered.


We’ll make it easy for you to stay compliant by offering you written timelines, personal phone calls and friendly reminders. 


We've worked with thousands of clients, in different industries and can use our experience to create a customized approach just for you.

Tax Planning 

Before completing any major transaction it is essential to review the tax implications that could arise. 


Buying or selling a property, business, or starting a new endeavor are just some examples of types of transactions that offer opportunities for substantial tax savings with proactive planning.


Our team can provide an in-depth analysis and expert advice to help you maximize tax savings. 

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